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June 26
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Sirchade Grausam Riddle by XxXKayaXxX Sirchade Grausam Riddle by XxXKayaXxX
Finally finished ! My universal OC Kayako Kurai ~ Kaya ~ in Harry Potter ~ Icon #2 - Voldemort smile (Harry Potter) 
Her name is Kayako Kurai ( Kaya ),too ~ but the title,well..i'll try to write her story :iconsnapereturnsplz:
But first well,her patronus animal is a Wolf,her magic wand is black and individual and the wand's core is from a Basiliscus ~
She got a pet,it's a very weird and creepy snake.Looks like a little demon snake,with some kind of spikes.A male snake,his name 
is Korosu,he's black,got bloody red eyes,and sharp teeth.
Other important things:
Her nickname is ( in here )  Snake Empress
She's got a big snake tattoo,it's on her right boob,and downward on her side,and it's over on her leg.
The snake necklace ~ she got it from Snape :iconpervysnapeplz:
The skull ring with a little M ~ she got it from Draco :icondracobooplz:
The necklace with a snake medal ~ she got it from her brother,and it's a half medal,the other half is on her brother neck :iconvoldemortrapefaceplz:
Kaya is Parselmouth ( she can talk with snakes )
I love boys harem YES Hahahaha ~ So i paired Kaya in HP with,Draco,Snape,Scabior,Lucius ~ :heart:
So the story !
Kaya is the little sister of Voldemort ~ in former times their relationship was very good,but when Voldemort is being evil and more evil,their relationship is being bad.And so yes Kaya's real name is Sirchade Gräusam Riddle ~ but well,after it Voldemort try to kill Kaya,but it's failed (But Voldemort,dont know this),and accidentally he's put a little piece of his mind into Kaya ( a little Horcrux,and he dont know about this too.),and Kaya regressed to a little baby.But Voldemort though he can killed her sister,and leave the place when he did the curse ~ But somehow Dumbledore found the little Kaya,and took her and goes with her to the Hogwarts,and foster her with Minerva Mcgonagall.So Now Kaya coeval with Harry and the others.Kaya's best friends are: Harry,Ron and Natsuki (my sweetie :iconabysse01: OC girl)..and Draco but he is Kaya's love too.She is always with them,mainly with Draco,but Harry and the others dont like Draco,and Draco dont like Harry and the others ~ 
In former times Kaya ( Sirchade ) was coeval with Lucius,Snape,Sirius etc.She was always together with Snape,she protected him about Sirius and Harry's father,when they bullied him ~ but she was in love with Sirius too ( but they're was break up ).She was in love with Lucius,and Snape too ( and love them now too ).When Voldemort killed her everybody though,he is really did that,and Kaya ( Sirchade ) is gone.( Her loves,barely could this.. ).And nowadays Kaya didn't remember her past,and didnt remember of she was Sirchade,or anything,sometimes she's got little memories flashes,and slowly she can remember of all her past.And now Snape is her teacher ( but they in love ),and Lucius is Draco's father ( but with him too. ).When she was in third years class (nowadays),she meet with Scabior,and he stole her half medaled snake necklace,later a few years they meet each other again.
*sigh* Well i hope i wrote all my story,and i hope i didnt forgot something ~ Icon #2 - Voldemort smile (Harry Potter) 
Base: Lisanna from Fairy Tail.

Hope u like it ! FREE flying hearts Icon 
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Thanks ^^ 
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You're welcome. :)
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Nice design! Kaya ,the little sister of Voldemort... Ohh she have a damn lord brother XD  

Awesome Bio, Kaya :) 
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