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Well..this is my first of this thing...

Can i get some point? :iconcuteerzaplz:

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Kayako Kurai.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Well,just my own fanguild id card ~ :iconlishletterjplz::iconlishletteroplz::iconlishletteriplz::iconlishletternplz: if u want ! :la:
Nightmare Massacre guild by XxXKayaXxX

Guild master : (little changes in the masters behavior~)
Hannibal Lecter the boss by XxXKayaXxX Hannibal Lecter ID card [Improved version!] by XxXKayaXxX

Guild members
FT:Luka:Gulidcard by RukiaBusujimaFTOCS Kisara Magetsu Guild Card by Polarisbear12 Fuan Kurayami ID card by XxXKayaXxX Tenshi Kurayami ID card by XxXKayaXxX Rimi and Yuuchi - Fairy Tail OC by Yukinosaitou FT:Dash: Bet on it.... by RukiaBusujimaFTOCS Kitsuri ID card by Love-Addict-Angel Dante Nightmare Massacre by supernerd12312 Elva Breslin Guild Card by seasonalAstronomer
Aysel by XxXKayaXxX Nightmare Massacre ID - Milenna Azur by ShiyomiChama Kage color by SuperKelel Draco info card by MythStormwell Rosettalie Casterworks info Card by MythStormwell
NM: Rhysel ID card by Abysse01 Nightmare Massacre Guild-Mandy Evil (Redo) by poisonraven5 Sol's Guild Card by Starlightt19298 Kuroi and tsubasa guild card by Echo-a-Kuma Nightmare Massacre Guild Member Tamashi Akairo by meldberg3 Apple's ID card by MisCOWS Nightmare Massacre OC by InfamousRyunaconda Poppy Lorrang ID card by gaarasdemonickitty Kira's Info by rociiluna Shane's ID card by MisCOWS
:icondannyyayplz:~:iconblacklovelyheartsplz:~Thanks so much to All my dear Watchers!!!~:iconblacklovelyheartsplz:~:icondannyyayplz:

:iconrioshiningsmileplz:~:iconflyingheartsplz:~And my sweet,lovely friends~ :iconflyingheartsplz:~:iconrioshiningsmileplz:
:icononioncheer1plz:~Not in sequence !!! ( If i forgot to write here someone,im so sorry..
im really oblivious and silly sometimes. )~:icononioncheer2plz:
:iconlukablush-plz:~ And some Awesome drawing from they,for me ~:iconlukablush-plz:
Midnight x Kayako by Abysse01 Grimmjow x Kayako by Abysse01 Eucliffe family KayaxSting. by Abysse01 Mage: Kaya ~ Natsu by Abysse01 A little gift thingy XD by Goal21 For XxXKayaXxX by RomanchikKuma You Asked For It by Rootienut This is all for you... by Goal21 Crack Kids: Stanislav x Len by RukiaBusujimaFTOCS Kayanak by hbubi8 RyuuxKaya by RyuuSaeki KayaCosplayMikuRomeoandCinderella by RyuuSaeki Lets play together! by Goal21 Art trade by otakugirl0975 Kayako and Natsuki by Abysse01 Kayako and Natsuki by Abysse01 Fight for your life! by Abysse01 DA Girls by MonkeyDBenihime HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR!!! by Goal21 :iconthicon: Kayako ice crimson blood queen by RomanchikKuma
:iconpervyenvyplz:~:iconarrheartplz: Thanks so much guys,everything :iconarrheartplz:~:iconpervygrimmyplz:


:iconangrycatmemeplz: called me a thief?fck yourfelves,ignorant idiot. :iconangrycatmemeplz:
:iconkidhowpatheticplz: i just made rpc's,i never said the original pictures are mine.understand it sshole. :iconkidhowpatheticplz:
:iconangryaloisplz: u have a problem with me? WRITE TO ME,dont add me any shts. :iconangryaloisplz:
1. Choose some of your OCs
2. Make your OCs answer these questions
3. Tag other people
4. Add one question of your own.

Tagged by : :icongoal21: and :iconambernighten13:

My OC's:

- Kayako Kurai

- Eden Nightwalker

- Adrian Gray Fox

And here goes the questions:

1) How old are you?
K: Im 19 years old ~ ( my demon age is 666 :iconlukablush-plz: )
E: Im 17..
A: human age is 21,but im originally a demon so im 969 :iconcoolgeeplz:

2) Do you want a hug?
K: Oh yes why not :iconkurumuhugplz:
A:...well not really.

3) Any bad habits?
K:...ohh many...:iconohoho-plz:
E:..i think im too..too..jealous...:iconukeshadowblushplz:
A: bad?me?! perfect :iconhairsmirkplz:

4) You a virgin?
K: noo ~... :iconehehe-plz: :iconshotablushplz:
A: no:iconsexythumbplz:

5) Have any kids?
K: no ~
E: no ~
A: no ~

6) Favorite food or drink?
K: Gyros,hamburger and Monster :iconfionnasparkleeyesplz:
E: uhm...Cola ~
A: meaaaat ~ :iconnwluffyplz:

7) Killed anyone?
K-E-A: Eheheehehehe what a silly question... :iconmephistolaughingplz:

8) Hate anyone?
K: yessss....
E: yes ~
A: yeah.

9) Any secrets?
K: who dont have secrets ~ ? :iconnatsuheheplz:
E: yes..secret is secret..thats why secret..
A: everybody has secrets..:icongerardlikesplz:

10) Love anyone?
K: ohhhh yessss ~ :iconlukablush-plz:
E: yess....:iconyunorapefaceplz:
A: yes :iconenvysmirkplz:

11) What's your job?
K:..well..i'm universal'm in so many anime,etc...but originally im a famous ser-hit man :iconisanamievilsmileplz:
E:...i'm in Fairy Tail too...but originally im too a...hit man? yes,yes i am... universal too...and usually im some weapon...(Like in Bleach,and Soul Eater) But original,i have a same job.

12) Favorite season?
K: WINTER !:iconhime-yayplz:
E:...winter or autumm ~
A:..same i hate hot weather ~

13) Who is you best friend?
K:..well..i've got so many lovely and close friends...:heart: but my besties i think :iconryuusaeki: and :iconabysse01:
E: yes..Kaya.~ friend? not really...only Kaya and Dorian

K: drawing,and otaku things (and my dark little things..) :iconkonatapeaceplz:
E: following someone...:iconshotablushplz:
A: hmm..guitar~

15) What are you going to do when this is over?
K: resting ~ im lazy ~
E:...doing my hobby..
A: go back to my lil stupid brother XD

16) What is your eye color?
K: light blue and aqua ~
E: king
A: light blue,with black sclera ~

17)Are you good or bad?
K: im a bad good ~ :iconlilawinkplz:
E: good..bad..?
A: Of course bad ! :iconyatowinkplz:

18) If you could get something right now what would it be?
K: I want to many things !!!
A:...I want too many thing.

19) What is your greatest fear?
K:..thats not public...
E:...lost the someone,who is the most important for me ~
A: Im not afraid anything !

20) Does your name have a special meaning?
E:...i dont know..
A: name is Kaya's favourite boy name xD

21) Any siblings?
K: yes i've got a secret big brother *-* ( and in FT i've got a Dragon big brother )
E:..yes...but i dont know them..
A: yeah..ive got a little stupid bro xD

22) Do you find yourself attractive?
K: Of course :iconflirtywinkplz:
E:..not really...
A: OF COURSE I'M :iconsexythumbplz:

23) What's the stupidest thing you have ever pulled off?
K:..i dunno...:iconwatreactionplz:
E:...i dont want tell...
A: Nothing !

24) Any last words?
K: Leb die sekunde ~ und mordenst du ~ :heart::iconlilawinkplz:
E: If someone,want to stole your love..just kill it !
A: Im sexy and i know it ! :iconthicon:

Who is your favorite OC and why?
My fav OC? Dunno ive got so many fav !

Oh yes,i forgot my question ! So question: Do you like fantasy movies? (like LOTR,Hobbit,Harry Potter),and if yes..who is your most fav.character from it ? XD

Lets tag some ppl now :

:iconabysse01: :iconrukiabusujimaftocs: :iconakikiri: :iconbeyblade-princess: :iconlunamichelangelo: :icongaarasdemonickitty:
  • Listening to: Skillet - Monster
  • Watching: Harry Potter
  • Eating: Candy
  • Drinking: Ice-Tea

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