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Well..this is my first of this thing...

Can i get some point? :iconcuteerzaplz:

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Kayako Kurai.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Well,just my own fanguild id card ~ :iconlishletterjplz::iconlishletteroplz::iconlishletteriplz::iconlishletternplz: if u want ! :la:
Nightmare Massacre guild by XxXKayaXxX

Guild master : (little changes in the masters behavior~)
Hannibal Lecter the boss by XxXKayaXxX Hannibal Lecter ID card [Improved version!] by XxXKayaXxX

Guild members
FT:Luka:Gulidcard by hentai-no-baka-san Kisara Magetsu Guild Card by Polarisbear12 Fuan Kurayami ID card by XxXKayaXxX Tenshi Kurayami ID card by XxXKayaXxX Rimi and Yuuchi - Fairy Tail OC by Yukinosaitou Here's something for my Neko-chan ! Dash ID card by XxXKayaXxX Kitsuri ID card by Love-Addict-Angel Dante Nightmare Massacre by supernerd12312 Elva Breslin Guild Card by seasonalAstronomer
Aysel by XxXKayaXxX Nightmare Massacre ID - Milenna Azur by ShiyomiChama Kage color by SuperKelel Draco info card by MythStormwell Rosettalie Casterworks info Card by MythStormwell
NM: Rhysel ID card by Abysse01 Nightmare Massacre Guild-Mandy Evil (Redo) by poisonraven5 Sol's Guild Card by Starlightt19298 Kuroi and tsubasa guild card by Echo-a-Kuma Nightmare Massacre Guild Member Tamashi Akairo by meldberg3 Apple's ID card by JessicaJ-MC Nightmare Massacre OC by Ryucryphos Nightmare Massacre Rogue ID card for Asako-chan by XxXKayaXxX Kira's Info by rociiluna Shane's ID card by JessicaJ-MC New Guild For Arashi by SoulEater3334 new poppy ID card by gaarasdemonickitty Diana Ross ID Card by kohanasaito Update on Hunter by kaylashortiee Nightmare Massacre Guild - Jumina Sekai by ytyx
Ixia Mai Tomoki ID Card by LunaMichelangelo Nora Villiers ID by Lightning-roses Nightmare Massacre: Amalthea Kurona (UPDATED) by poisonraven5 Nightmare Massacre: Sanura + Adofo by ZulaLilith
:icondannyyayplz:~:iconblacklovelyheartsplz:~Thanks so much to All my dear Watchers!!!~:iconblacklovelyheartsplz:~:icondannyyayplz:

:iconrioshiningsmileplz:~:iconflyingheartsplz:~And my sweet,lovely friends~ :iconflyingheartsplz:~:iconrioshiningsmileplz:
:icononioncheer1plz:~Not in sequence !!! ( If i forgot to write here someone,im so sorry..
im really oblivious and silly sometimes. )~:icononioncheer2plz:
:iconlukablush-plz:~ And some Awesome drawing from they,for me ~:iconlukablush-plz:
Midnight x Kayako by Abysse01 Grimmjow x Kayako by Abysse01 Eucliffe family KayaxSting. by Abysse01 Mage: Kaya ~ Natsu by Abysse01 A little gift thingy XD by Goal21 For XxXKayaXxX by RomanchikKuma You Asked For It by Rootienut This is all for you... by Goal21 Crack Kids: Stanislav x Len by hentai-no-baka-san Kayanak by hbubi8 RyuuxKaya by RyuuSaeki KayaCosplayMikuRomeoandCinderella by RyuuSaeki Lets play together! by Goal21 Art trade by otakugirl0975 Kayako and Natsuki by Abysse01 Kayako and Natsuki by Abysse01 Fight for your life! by Abysse01 DA Girls by MonkeyDBenihime HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR!!! by Goal21 :iconthicon: Kayako ice crimson blood queen by RomanchikKuma Eucliffe family. by Abysse01 ~ Fairy Tail oc's ~ by Kyo-ni-Kyuketsuki Black Dragon by RomanchikKuma FT:gift: Dashs payback by hentai-no-baka-san FT:Hiki x Hachi:Tonight i'm lovin you by hentai-no-baka-san FT: Dash: he's mine..... by hentai-no-baka-san Jumina and Kayako - Summer Time by ytyx Kayako and Jumina - Live .... little sister by ytyx Jumina dead .... by ytyx Satoshi Toruko by hbubi8 Gift for XxXKayaXxX by ponyhoofx3 FT:The Lecter Family~ by hentai-no-baka-san Satoshi by hbubi8 Nightmare by gaarasdemonickitty Gift for me by Ran. by XxXKayaXxX Happy Birthday Kaya by LunaMichelangelo Happy Birthday To XxXKayaXxX ~! by hentai-no-baka-san Happy Birthday Kayako~! by Beyblade-Princess Happy Birthday Kaya by SuperKelel Happy Birthday Fav-chan! by xra911 Happy Birthday Kaya by MonkeyDBenihime BDG: Crack Yaoi X'D by MythStormwell Happy [late] Birthday Kayako-senpai! by ytyx Don't Look at me~! by Beyblade-Princess Xxxkayaxxx by LotusFoxfire Badass siblings by hbubi8 Satoshi and Zou meets by hbubi8 EnvyxKaya by my lovely Jenny-chan by XxXKayaXxX
:iconpervyenvyplz:~:iconarrheartplz: Thanks so much guys,everything :iconarrheartplz:~:iconpervygrimmyplz:


:iconangrycatmemeplz: called me a thief?fck yourfelves,ignorant idiot. :iconangrycatmemeplz:
:iconkidhowpatheticplz: i just made rpc's,i never said the original pictures are mine.understand it sshole. :iconkidhowpatheticplz:
:iconangryaloisplz: u have a problem with me? WRITE TO ME,dont add me any shts. :iconangryaloisplz:
Okay just a random thing,ill do a summary all of my oc's ~ :XD:

My Main Oc,she is me in anime world ~ Kayako Kurai (Saeki sometimes),she's my main OC in ALL animes,and always with the same things,only in a few animes she has got another hair color (just the color) ~ seme ~ status: she's got a love harem~
Thanks sweeties by XxXKayaXxX
My first baby Adrian,he's kind of my main oc too,Adrian Gray-Fox is his full name (and i need new pictures of him~in this picture he is with his little twin brother) ~
seme ~ status: Kaya ~ 
Brotherly love by XxXKayaXxX 
Adrian's lil.twin bro,Dorian ~ my lil playboy (he is the redhead) (i need new pictures of him too ~) ~ seke (with girls seme,with his brother uke) ~ status: ???...
Brotherly love by XxXKayaXxX
My lovely little psychopath neko Eden ~ he's main oc too,his full name is Eden Nightwalker,and he's got 5 siblings ~he's a yandere uke,so dangerous :XD: (and him too) ~ uke ~ status : Kaya ~
cute Eden by XxXKayaXxX
My sweet little weird demon Kiryu ~ (need new pictuuure~) ~ seke ~ (sometimes uke,sometimes seme)~ status: Kaya ~
Scarf sharing by XxXKayaXxX
My first guro/gore baby,Ei-chan ~ Eichiro ~ seme ~ status : Kaya ~ (nnp - need new picture)
Eichiro      (cause its a mature content picture stuff ~ )
My sexy puppy (wolf,dog), Zeph ~ seke ~ status: Kaya ~
Zeph dog,wolf forms by XxXKayaXxX
My edolas self ~  Kayako "Hachiko" Awai,Mainly Hachiko,Hachi~ uke ~ status: Taken by Hiki (:iconhentai-no-baka-san:)
Edolas duo by XxXKayaXxX
Chaos ~ my Light God ~ seme ~ status: Taken by Jenny (:icongoal21:)
Miraculous night [P.Collab] by XxXKayaXxX
My and Envy (fma) son ~ Insane ~ real name: Amaranth ~ (im not sure with this now) ~ seme ~ status: single ~ (nnp)
Insane the madness by XxXKayaXxX
Hiroshi-Hiro ~ my gijinka baby ~ the black-red..another guy is my Bill oc,my other old computer's gijinka..but now..ive got a new ~ so,my Bill is dead ~
seke ~ status: ??? ~ (nnp)
Bill Kaya Hiro by XxXKayaXxX
My little exceed Shinichi-Shin ~ seme ~ status: single
Shin Neko by XxXKayaXxX
My mysterious little elf ~ Ian ~ seme ~ status: ??? ~ (nnp)
OC Ian by XxXKayaXxX
My genderbend ~ so me (Kaya) in a boy version ~ Kyoku ~ seme ~ status: when Kaya is Kyoku,he is a big pervert sshole :XD:  (nnp)
Kyoku by XxXKayaXxX
My heartless demon,arabian god Seth ~ seme ~ status: nope
Heartless Demon by XxXKayaXxX
My russian maffia boss Stanislav Kruzenshtern ~ he's got a little nephew Christian ~ seme ~ status: taken by Len (:iconhentai-no-baka-san:)~ (nnp)
Stanislav by XxXKayaXxX
My other womanizer sshole baby Christian ~ his full name is Aleksei "Christian" 
Kruzenshtern,his uncle is Stanislav ~ seme ~ status: ??? ~ (nnp)
New OC Christian by XxXKayaXxX
Now my another two sons ~ StingxKaya (ft) sons,Rasiel and Hiroto-Hiro,first the older Rasiel ~ i dont have normal pictures of them,so there's all family,Rasiel is the
blue haired little guy ~ picture by my sweetie: :iconabysse01: ~ seme ~ status: single ( i wanna paired him,with some canon character from ft )
Eucliffe family KayaxSting. by Abysse01
And Rasiel's lil brother Hiro ~ he is the light green haired little guy ~ seme ~ status: (same ~)
Eucliffe family KayaxSting. by Abysse01
Well..he is not really an really really own OC,cause he is my ideas ~ Sting Eucliffe in edolas ~ 
Edolas Sting by XxXKayaXxX
My random misanthropic demon baby Kirai ~ seme ~ (really really need a normal picture.:XD:)
Random OC,Kirai by XxXKayaXxX
Eden's bigger brother Raylie ~ Raylie Nightwalker ~ he's a two-faced,bloodthirsty,womanizer ~ seme ~ status: ??? ~ (nnp)
Beware of Raylie [P.Collab] by XxXKayaXxX
My little common baby with my sweetie ~ Aysel ~ seme ~ status: taken by :iconabysse01:
Aysel by XxXKayaXxX
My new lovely guro/gore baby Synyster Valentine ~ seme ~ status: not paired.
Mine,not yours ! by XxXKayaXxX
My dear Hannibal Lecter ~ seme ~ status: Dash's husband (:iconhentai-no-baka-san:)
Just smile by XxXKayaXxX
My new little boy,i mean Hannash new little baby :XD: Damian Lecter ~ seke (he's got two self) ~ status: single
Damian Lecter by XxXKayaXxX
My new little girl Lory,Lorelay Locklear ~ yandere uke ~ status: taken by Kazaki Naru (:iconhbubi8:)
Lorelay Lockclear by XxXKayaXxX
My other new girl Ayameko ~ seke (mainly seme) ~ status: taken by Shadow (:icondragon-god-of-war:)
Ayameko by XxXKayaXxX
My big brother dragon form (in Fairy Tail),Sonnenfinnenstris ~ his real name is Toshio (he's got a normal "human" form)~ seme ~ status: single.~ (really need new picture)
Sonnenfinnenstris by XxXKayaXxX
My little cutie snake in Harry Potter ~ Korosu ~ 
Korosu by XxXKayaXxX

I think i put in here all my babies..or i forgot someone? I think noo ~ soo yeah these are my all babies..and i really need to do new pictures of them ~

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  • Listening to: Guns N' Roses - November Rain
  • Drinking: Energy drink

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